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4/30/2018 9:51:40 AM

I was a little hesitant to try something new but knew it had the best ingredients in it for my baby. We have been using the typical 'great smelling' lotion that I scanned in the think dirty app. It came back with a 4 rating for "dirty" but then couldn't get it off my mind... 4 is just too "dirty" for me. Why am I putting anything with a long list of ingredients that I can't pronounce on my baby's skin only for him to absorb it into his body?

I received the Seedlings baby lotion from my April ER order and now wish I ordered it sooner or knew about it for my now 2 yo when he was a baby with eczema. This cream has a very subtle, soothing lavender smell and my 3 mo old now has the smoothest skin he's had yet! He does have red itchy skin also, and it's seemed to help clear that irritation up in the spots where it was bad. I couldn't be happier and now, will continue to order the Seedlings products.

5+ stars!


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